The Bob Story




























© August 3 2016 Matthew Nichols




Jerry is really eager to install Microsoft BOB 1.0a edition so he downloaded the ISO image from WinWorldPC.  After it had downloaded he runs setup.exe from the ISO, it extracted then presses the BOB face - which is to install it

then he waits for it while he waits he checks out All Motti

"I am so excited to install the professional program!" says Jerry

600 MB remaining. 1 hour later

"I better be going to bed I will check it out tomorrow" Says Jerry

Beep Beep the alarm went off

"Oh yeah Microsoft BOB I better check it out!" Jerry shouted in excitement

"Woof Woof set-up a user account" says Rover the guide dog on Microsoft BOB.
"OK" says Jerry

"What's your name?" says Rover

"Jerry" Jerry says

"What's your address, phone number and your birthday" Says Rover

"25 Car Lane and 22nd of August and finally 1800 PAYBILLS" says Jerry

"Invalid phone number" shouted Rover

"Fine 64454855447487847847874857" says Jerry

"Cool, wanna start the test?" Says Rover

"Sure" says Jerry

"Are there any problems wih his sentence" says Rover

"Yes" Says Jerry

"Where?" Says Rover

"I will write it correctly 'Are there any  problems with this sentence?" says Jerry

"Incorrect the answer is 'ARE THERE ANY PROBLEMS WITH SENTENCE'" says  Rover

"what? I clearly did it correct!" Says Jerry

"ERROR Failed Test 0/1 Question Correct" Rover says in a very angry voice.

"Never mind can I just go to BOB home?" Says Jerry

The screen made a tune and went to the desktop

"BOB TIPS:Woof Woof Woof need to go to an application just click on it" says Rover, knock knock knock.

"Help us let us in please!!" they say

Jerry opens up the door and says

"Hello, wait are you the characters from Microsoft BOB?" Says Jerry

"Yes someone is after us Tim Obsidian" Says BOB

But in the Microsoft Factory Tim Obsidian breaks into the Microsoft factory

and hacks into the PC's with the windows 7 reset disk then opens Microsoft_Program_CreaterMaker and makes Microsoft BOB 2.0 Evil Edition (The original BOB 2.0 was deleted) and he releases it to the public.

"Ooh a new update do you want to update?" says Rover

"Yes Please" says Jerry

"No don't if it has EE that's means evil edition" says Rover (Real life version)

"Well its already updating" says Jerry

Knock Knock Knock

"Don't open it it's Tim Obsidian"

"LET ME IN please" Shouted Tim Obsidian

"Hide hide" Pencil writes on a piece of paper. They hide in the closet and cupboards SMASH Tim Obsidian destroys the door!

"WHERE ARE YOU?  HA HA HA HA" Says Tim Obsidian

"Ahhh" BOB,Jerry,Rover,Pencil (says on a piece of paper) and elephant scream.

"FOUND YOU" Says Tim Obsidian

They start running but Tim Obsidian sets some of the house on fire but luckily they escaped in time (smashed through the window). Jerry put out the fire they start running down the street. 4 Hours later they go back to the quarterly burnt house.

"I better be going to bed" says Jerry

"Me too" they all say

Beep The alarm goes off
"I better be going to work, wait where is bob?" says Jerry

"True...I don't have a clue where he is" Elephant says

"Well I better be going to work" says Jerry

"Wait can I look for Bob?" Says Rover

"Sure thing" Says Jerry


"Select level" says the electronic elevator.

"8" says Jerry

"Going up" The electronic elevator says again.

"Oh man, the elevator must be stuck again!" says Jerry but Tim Obsidian is burning down the building because there was only 4 Microsoft employees and the lift fell and SMASHED onto the ground - knocked out Jerry - but back at Jerry's house Rover had no luck finding BOB.

"What's this a key? Can you please come over here Rover" says Elephant.

"What is it?" says Rover

"Its a key" says Elephant

"But what's it for?" says Rover

"I really don't know. Wait, there is this hatch door here with a lock. Let's see if it works" says Elephant

"Oh it does" says Rover and they go down the creepy staircase.


"Give him back!!" says Elephant

"Help me help!" says BOB

"No look at this I give him this drink and he is going to be on my side HAHA" says Tim Obsidian. BOB was forced to drink it then he turned red.

"HELLO ROVER HA HA" says (Evil) BOB.

"HA HA HA HA, I HAVE 101 PEOPLE ON MY TEAM AND WHEN I CLONE EVIL BOB 100191 PEOPLE WILL BE ON MY TEAM" says Tim Obsidian and they start running out of the house.

"What does he mean by 101 people on his side so there is Tim and Evil BOB but there is still 99 people that we don't know any ideas?" says Rover.

"Let's check on BOB Maps" Pencil writes on a corn chip packet.

"Starting BOB Maps" says the Computer.

"Wait what's this island? Never heard of it Obsidian island. Wait Tim Obsidian, that means all the other people there must be on his side. Let's see the street view. Hmm, it seems that there is only 1 city in this island and that is The Evil Obsidians City so in the street view I am seeing people with Evil Obsidian badges and I see a Town Hall Obsidian and on BOB live view people are coming in and out of this place, a market is going on there too so what do we do?" says Rover.

"Look there's a Microsoft Store, lets hide in there" says Elephant.

"But most of it is burnt down" says Elephant.

"Lets just go in there anyway" says Rover. But in the hospital Jerry is lying on a hospital bed, he wakes up, he also feels dizzy but he was processed by Tim Obsidian. He jumps out of bed and smashes through the windows, the hospital alarms go off and they are really intense.

But back where Pencil, Elephant and Rover are, they are hiding in the old Microsoft Store

"Cough What are we going to do now? And its dusty in here" Pencil writes on old license agreement papers


"Already on no need to turn on again" Says the AI Computer

"WELL YOU BETTER RUN" Says Tim Obsidian

BANG BANG BANG that was the sound of the doors closing

"Were trapped" Says Rover

"HA HA HA I GOT YA" says Tim Obsidian

"Ahh" they all scream then this guy they have never seem before came and had a seconed remote for the doors and opened them and grabed Rover,Pencil and Elephant and ran away from the Microsoft Store

"Thanks what's your name?" says Rover

"Matthew Gates" Says Matthew Gates but in bill gates house he was relexing

"ah what a lovely day it is" Says Bill Gates

"Oh no my roof collapsed in but luckily I am on the balcony" says Bill Gates

"Ahh my floor I'm drowning in the pond under my balcony, stupid pond" says Bill Gates (R.I.P  Bill Gates 1955-2016 age 61 last word: pond).

But Matthew Gates,Rover,Pencil and Elephant are running back to Jerry's house and they look under the house where Tim Obsidian and BOB were but they were gone

"Oh man since they new we found them they must of moved" Says Rover then they sat on the couch and the T.V came on

"Get your LYTE a great light for only 1.99 its the ultimate choice you do need and get 1 free after your first purchase go to for more information. Well the weather is going to 10 C to 40 C here in Me City" The T.V Says

"Ooh I want the Lyte lets go to the building to get one" Says Elephant then they go to 29 Lyte Lights st and go inside

"Welcome to Lyte" Says the AI Computer when they walk in

"Hello get 50% off you Lyte Ultimate with changing colours/colors and a dome top with a star mode where it reflects onto the roof only $199 was $299" The seller says

"Can we get it?" Says Elephant

"No what a rip-off" Says Matthew Gates but it was to late he already bought it! He is having so much fun with it

"RUN RUN THE BUILDING IS FALLING DOWN GET OUT GET OUT!!" Says Rover they run out of the building then this Evil Obsidian drone comes and knocks down some of the nearby buildings and the drone stops and comes to the ground the drone starts sparking and sets on fire but there are 100s of drones in the sky with The Evil Obsidian text on it they are heading to Microsoft HQ and smash threw the windows and they follow but Jerry is in the way

"Hello HA HA I'm Jerry your friend" says Jerry but they just go past Jerry but Jerry follows after them and tries to catch them but he was too slow so he did not succeed at all and they all arrived at the Microsoft HQ and the 2 top floors completely came off the building they went inside and the drones were everywhere and the employees were trapped in cages then they got caged

"Let us out" Elephant says.

"Not until you tell me how to use BOB# programming language Matthew Gates" says the 173 Drone.

"I will never tell you anything" says Matthew Gates.

"Fine, well I am just going to leave you here" says the 173 Drone and they just stay there, luckily they have a few muesli bars in their bags.

"What's this button do? I can't reach it I can now" says Rover and the alarms went off (they were even louder than the hospital alarms) they were still stuck in the cage but this door opened behind them.

"Hmm it seems to be a maze" says Pencil.

"Lets go in" says Matthew.

"Good idea" says Rover and they go in but its really complicated. They hit this wall with an elevator Microsoft ME3.1 with the Motti Millennium Edition.

"Ooh all Motti! I have heard of that, it seems cool I better check it out and go to" says Elephant and they go into the elevator. It says 1989 but the light is flickering and the buttons are cracked but they go to Level 6 which is Microsoft BOB's house.

"Ding" and they went out of the elevator and there was a small house called BOB 1.0 House. I stay in here, meet BOB and they go inside and there is a BOB robot.

"Hello I am BOB how are you? (Speak Now)" Says the BOB robot.

"I am not feeling very good lately" says Elephant.

"Error 695 Invalid File Type" says The BOB Robot and the robot shuts down and it counts down from 20.

"WATCH OUT" Says Matthew Gates they start running and the BOB Robot explodes but they are in the elevator it's going to the highest level ever, level 109 the lights go off and they are stuck.

"NO WE ARE STUCK IN THE ELEVATOR" says Elephant and they press the emergency phone button "Beep beep beep 098364 calling please wait".

"Hello, welcome to the Microsoft Tower sorry we are not ready to take your call but we will be with you when we are ready Bye PS if your stuck in the elevator we are not helping you, you are just stuck in it forever but smash it then try and escape" The Voice Message From The Elevator "Luckily I have my LYTE I am going to play with it. "What's this button break out of my elevator mode? I am going to click it" says Elephant and he clicks it and then it says

"invalid elevator try the LYTE Elevator its only $30998 its great value and to get it in your building its 190902" Says LYTE Ultimate Elephant does not matter about anyone else, but the LYTE Ultimate he clicks the Dance Mode and it turns the Lift into a dance party. It turns into a disco ball and Elephant starts dancing (he's a horrible dancer) and the LYTE Ultimate gives him tips on how to dance better, but it makes him dance worse then he was before. Then the LYTE starts changing to Hack Mode, then it hacks the elevator to go crazy and go to all the buttons! The elevator door opens early and you can see the wall and it's going 15x faster then it normally does. Then it shoots out of the roof, smashes the roof and it falls onto a LYTE CAR V3.0. They are badly injured but Elephant was OK because he was in his LYTE parachute.Elephant called 000 and the ambulance came to the place but they were fined 90,000 because they destroyed the LYTE car, they were taken to the hospital but Elephant needed to pay because he activated the LYTE. He paid the man who had the LYTE Car the 90K, then he had to pay 9K for Pencil, Rover and Matthew Gates to get better

12 hours later.

"I am feeling much better, but I am not happy that you activated the LYTE that's why we are in this mess!" says Matthew Gates to Elephant. They are all feeling much better now.

"But what are we going to do about Tim Obsidian" Pencil writes on this already paid papers.

"I don't have any ideas?" says Rover then the Hospital alarms go off (again)

"HA HA HA, I AM (Evil) JERRY" says (Evil) Jerry, then Jerry takes them to the Evil Obsidian Lab.

"Help, Help us!" Rover screams but no one helps us then they go inside the Lab then they get put in cages.


"Coming Tim" the employees say.

Bang Crash the doors come down

"Sorry, I'm late I mean SORRY I'M LATE" says Tim Obsidian.

"Let us out! You will not get away with this" Says Matthew Gates.

"I ALREADY HAVE HA HA HA" Says Tim Obsidian


"But we need to take our nap too" the guards say.

"WHO CARES" says Tim Obsidian.

"Fine" says the guard.

"look if you get us out you will get your nap" says Matthew Gates.

"OK here's the key now how do I get my nap" Says the Guards

"Just sleep" Says Rover then they run away but not out of the building they go into the secret Tim Room.

"Come on, it's locked" says Elephant.

"Lets go through the pipes looking at this building there is a big water drainer in all of the rooms so if we take the pipes we can pop out of the floor" says Matthew Gates so they go in the pipes and then they are in the room in only a few seconds.

"Be quiet, Tim Obsidian is sleeping in here" Pencil wrote on a Mars Bar packaging.

"Ooh a Mars Bar that has not been opened yet! Can I eat it?" says Elephant.

"Go ahead" says Rover but in a sarcastic voice. Then he eats it anyway, then the alarms go off and say

"Before you eat this bar enter code" says the Mars Bar then Tim Obsidian woke up.

"ARGG! HOW DID YOU GET IN HERE?" says Tim Obsidian.

"RUN RUN" says Matthew Gates and they go into the pipes, but they get lost.

"Which way do we go?" says Rover to Matthew Gates.

"I don't know! Let's go right" says Matthew Gates and they go right, they all go right. Then they bump in to a computer screen with a mouse and a keyboard and it says

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Starting BOB!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

" Lets watch it count to 100%" says Elephant


"This is really boring, let's look more" says Rover.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Loaded BOB Welcome~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Ooh look Bob cameras, let's check it out!" says Matthew Gates.

    "Look at that, that's where we need to go" says Rover and he clicks go on the camera place and it prints out a digital map. They start following it, but the battery on the map runs out. Luckily they brought a spare but it was only on 10% and it will only last for 2 mins (100% of it will last for 30 mins) but they made it just in time right, when the battery died. You can't recharge it so you need to throw it out and you can't recycle it, what a waste!

"Finally we made it" says Rover and they exit the pipes but they end up where they were originally. Luckily Tim Obsidian is gone so they can safely exit the building. They ran back to Jerry's house and sat on the couch. They are thinking about what they should do next.

"I've got it, we should go...  and the TV cut off Rover.

"Hello, Get Your LYTE Ultimate 2. It's going for only $1099. It's the NEW Ultimate Choice and you're guaranteed to enjoy it now. There is also a New LYTE building, open at 87 Plain BOB ave. Get it now! The new features are: New colours and 2 more dance modes + the Lyte up your house for music. You can play unlimited music and project Movies on your roof for free! You don't even need to pay for each movie for music. It's 100% FREE. Yes FREE! It's going to be the best experience of your life. Don't worry, it's water proof and 40% smaller then the Ultimate 1, with a 4K Res projective screen. It comes with a 1 year warranty with the device or pay $70 for the 3 year warranty or $140 for the life time warranty. You are going to enjoy it with its new fan with misting and a new remote to control your device from anywhere , anytime. It has a sleep mode that sings music that makes you go to sleep instantly with 10 songs to choose from. The sleeping music and the old LYTE Ultimate is no longer usable. We always want you to be updated with the latest and greatest stuff, but when you upgrade you need to buy the LYTE Speaker which costs $200 or the LYTE sound system that costs $700. The LYTE Keyboard costs $80 and the LYTE Ultimate Boot-Up USB costs $100. You need to buy all of the products above for your LYTE to work and if you don't it will set on fire so please BUY THE STUFF ABOVE NOW!!" says the T.V.

"Ooh, I want the new LYTE Ultimate 2!" says Elephant.

"But you already have a LYTE Ultimate" says Rover to Elephant.

"But it's broken, look" says Elephant.

"Starting LYTE ERROR:1122334 Unsupported LYTE. Get the new model" says The LYTE Ultimate.

"Oh well, we are not getting the new one" says Matthew Gates.

"Wait, where are you going?" Pencil throws the note to Elephant.

"To 87 Plain BOB ave to get the new LYTE, I will be back. Wait here" says Elephant.

"Wait, never mind" Rover shouts.

"Well, we need to wait here for Elephant to get back. What will we do in the mean time?" says Matthew Gates.

1 hour later...

"I'm back! I paid $3200 and I needed to pay for the projector which was more. I needed to pay around $1000 more then the ad said, but never mind, I got it plus with the lifetime warranty" says Elephant.

"What a waste of money! It's a rip-off! Why can't you understand that" says Rover.

"Well I don't and I'm going to enjoy my LYTE Ultimate 2" says Elephant.

"Help, Help! My LYTE Ultimate 2 has an error" says Elephant.

"RUN RUN THE LYTE IS GOING TO EXPLODE BECAUSE YOU DID NOT INSERT THE BOOT STICK, RUN RUN" says Matthew Gates. They ran out of the building then the house set on fire. They ran to a local Safeway, the Safeway was open so they hid in the bathrooms for about 2 hours. Then the Safeway was closing but they had permission to stay in there for the night.

"So we're in the lobby right? So what do we do?" says Elephant.

"It's all because of your stupid 40% smaller LYTE thing. Who would even want to buy that product anyway!" says Matthew Gates in a very angry voice.


"AHH" says Elephant and they run but because the store was closed they couldn't open the doors from the inside. The emergency door is also locked and they run into an employee locker (locker 84). An employee forgot something but she did not know they were in there, so she went to her locker 84.
"Someone's coming, be quiet we don't want to be heard! Ahh, someone's unlocking the locker!" Rover whispered.

"Ahh! Who are you and WHY ARE YOU IN MY PERSONAL LOCKER? THIS IS MY LOCKER NOT YOURS" says Katie the employee.

"Shh Tim Obsidian is after us and they are searching the place. We're trapped and we need to get out of here but the doors are locked so we can't get out. Can you please unlock the door?" says Matthew Gates.

"Yummy, can I have your chocolate bar? I need it" says Elephant to Katie the employee.

"No I don't even know you so your not touching anything" Says Katie

"So can you help us get out?" Pencil writes on some bills and gives to Katie

"Fine I will help you get out of here but you promise not to bother me ever again

"OK just get us out of here" says Jerry then she leads them and unlocks the door so they can get out then they run but Evil BOB thinks there still in there so they get a head-start they run but they did not realise that there was a hole in the ground

"ahh were falling ouch that hurt wait Elephant did not fall he's still up on the road

"Hey Elephant Can you get some help?" Says Rover

"No Well I can but you need to give me $4000 to get me the LYTE put give my the money NOW" says Elephant

"Fine here's the money now get us out of here" says Matthew Gates

"I will but I just need to grab a bite and go to the LYTE Store and update my phone carrier plans and get a new phone from my phone carrier now I will be around 2-3 hours but after that I will get help" Says Elephant

"No get help right now" says Matthew Gates

"Bye I will be 2-3 hours as I said" Says Elephant
"oh wait one more thing someone send my an email saying Hello Elephant it seems that you signed up for a free iPhone 7 Plus 256 GB with 3 GB RAM so you need to pick it up on Sunday the 4th of December so pick it up on 45 lollies st and get a free lolly on your way out (already 104 people have received there iPhone 7 Plus 256 GB 3 GB Ram model so please pick it up today put it maybe 2 hours waiting time but its worth it anyway so that's what the email says so I maybe around 5-6 hours Bye" Says Elephant

"Why does he get involved in those scams like that" Says Matthew Gates

"I don't know he is just that way but it is obviously a scam" Pencil writes on some old paper lying around so they just waited and waited

"its been 3 hours I wish he would hurry up already" Says Matthew Gates

"Its been 9 hours and no sign of Elephant" Says Matthew Gates

"I'm back and I brought Tim Obsidian HAHA" Says Elephant

"Why would you do this?" Says Matthew Gates

"Well I was thinking after I bought my LYTE Ultimate 2 with Deluxe Components don't explode edition I was thinking why am I never appreciated in this family so why don't I go with the Evil Obsidians and they appreciate me very very much so thats why I switched to The Obisidans" Says Elephant

"YOUR EVIL" Says Rover they end up climbing out of the hole so they did not have to get help they ran to virtual computer building and went up the lift and ran to this room without reading the sign the sign said Enter Virtual Computer Alpha and then they got stuck in windows XP SP4
"Woah where are we? it looks like Windows XP by looking at the background and the taskbar wait are we in a computer?" Says Matthew Gates

"I think we are in a computer I am going to go to the Start button" Says Rover Rover walks to the start button then jumps on it then 'POP' the Start Menu appeared

"ahh the Start Menu I have never been so afraid of the Start Menu appearing before" Says Matthew Gates

"I have been once my Computer glitched out once and the Start Menu popped out in my face" Says Rover then they go to Internet Explorer and go to Google and download and old version of Chrome Browser and they wait for it to download and install

"Finally its downloaded and Installed before we open it I want to check out the specs" Says Rover they go to the start menu again and jump 3 times on the computer that right clicks and goes to properties

"What is this Microsoft Future Run Emulation Environment v0.1.588.483.3.01 HZ unknown RAM Unknown Graphics Unknown Bit Unknown  what kind of specs are those?" says Rover

"Look I don't know I am going to be the new CEO of Microsoft and I don't even know what this is

"Upgrade available for Vista" Says Windows XP on a pop-up window

"Don't upgrade 1.Vista is crap 2. on the background wallpaper it has the rules and says Don't upgrade to any versions of windows" Says Matthew Gates

"OK fine I pressed the Exit button" Says Rover but he did not press don't upgrade so it upgraded anyway

"Ahh whats happening I pressed the exit button but why does it say Upgrading To Vista?" says Rover

"I don't know why at all I only use Windows 7 or 10 not XP or Vista" says Matthew Gates

"Error specs don't meet requirements for this PC could not upgarde restarting" Says the Windows Vista Error Alert System

"American Megatrends invent future Starting Beep Beep" says the Computer BIOS
"Oh No american megatrends this is a Network Boot thing or if there is no OS Installed on computer mid aged computers like this one" Says Matthew Gates

"So how to we get out of the computer?" Pencil Writes Over The American Megatrends logo

"We need the Windows XP Professional ISO file" Says Matthew Gates

"Where will we get that?" Says Rover

"We need a USB and another Computer" Says Matthew Gates

"Oh wait I have my LYTE Classic 1 from 2014 (Thats before it was a scam) And it will explode the computer and then we can jump out of it" Says Rover

"But it will explode us" Says Matthew Gates

"But I'm doing it" Says Rover

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Starting LYTE~~~~~~~~~~~~~ERROR EXPLODING~~


"Ahh It did not work" Says Rover

"Fan Error Overheating" Says the computer

"Uh Its getting hot in here where's the aircon" Says Rover

"Its a computer it has fans to keep it cool but the fans are broken so there is no way to keep it cool so it will overheat so we better get out of here before it overheats" says Matthew Gates

"But how do we get out of here" says Rover

"I don't know how can you stop saying that and just think of any ideas you may have" says Matthew Gates

"I have an idea" says Rover

"What is it?" says Matthew Gates

"We load up the BIOS and press escape from computer button on the Exit tab" says Rover

"But the computer is broken so how do we do that" says Matthew Gates

"we fix it" says Rover

"But how? its completely broken"Says Matthew Gates

"Can we get into the computer with the circuits and stuff" says Rover

"Maybe but I don't know how" says Matthew Gates

"Ooh see inside the PC button I wonder what it does" Pencil wrote on a piece of paper and clicked the button

"Ahh where are we wait I think were inside the computer" says Matthew Gates

"so can you fix it?" says Rover

"well let me have a look" says Matthew Gates

"hmm it seems that the whole computer is burn't from it overheating

"So basicly it can't be fixed with the parts in it now but I think I can order them online with my special device that lets me order them in they apear right infront of your eyes so I am gonna order them" says Matthew gates

"Welcome Search or click on any product to order it then it should arrive in max 5 mins" says the device

"OK I will order the Windows Inside Parts by Microsoft" says Matthew gates

"OK they have been ordered we just have to wait now" says Matthew Gates

"LOOK! There they are" says rover but in the The Evil Obisidans Lab Tim Obsidian we thinking about if he should make all the existing Microsoft Computers explode

"HAHAHA I want to explode all the Microsoft computers in the whole world including Mac and Linux" says Tim Obsidian

"but we use Microsoft computers" says one of the Evil Obsidian workers

"good point but were upgrading to Pentium 4's we currently have Pentium 3's and we will uninstall windows and install The Evil Obsidians OS on the computers" says Tim Obsidian

"but why do we need to upgrade to Pentium 4's why can't we keep the ones we already have" says the worker

"because The Evil Obsidians OS it not supported and it needs at least 1 Gb RAM and we have 256 MB RAM with Windows 95 from 1995 sometimes I just fell like smashing the PC's because of how slow they are so we will keep the Microsoft PC's running untill we upgrade" says Tim Obsidian

"That should do it now the computer should start working again" says Matthew gates

"Cool I am going to press the on button and Return inside the screen" says Rover

"OK were back in the computer screen" Says Rover

"Welcome to Windows Xp Professional this is the breif tour Unlock The world of digital media" says Windows XP

"exit tour all that stuff I don't need to know I already used Windows XP before" says Matthew Gates

"Lets press the Exit Computer button" says Rover
"Finally were out of the compute now what?" Rover

"Well firstly we need to get out of the building so lets take the elevator" says Matthew Gates they walk to the elevator but it only lets them to go to Level 5 but not any other levels are available

"Lets go to the ground Level wait why is it not working the only lit-up button is Level 5 so I am going to click on it" Says Matthew Gates

"Level 5 Doors Opening" says the Elevator

"Where are we its a dark room and there is chairs tables,etc been thrown everywhere OK I want to get out of here lets go back in the lift" says Rover

"Good idea" says Matthew Gates

"Oh the lift is broken the door won't open" says Matthew Gates

"well it seems were just stuck here" Pencil Writes on a old bill (that has not been paid and should have been paid in the 5/8/2009)

"Look at this sign it says Meet Windows Vista with the new sleek and simple design what?!?!? I hate Windows Vista" says Matthew Gates then they look around 

"Well It says if you enter this room you can get to meet the Windows Vista Operating System that is installed onto the computers and you can get a badge of Windows Vista and to get out of this place you need to.... The rest of the sign was rubbed of I guess we need to find out what the sign used to say and how to get out of here" says Rover so they all go into this old room

"Oh man old Intel Atom PC's but maybe the might have a map of the place so we can exit" says Matthew Gates so they start up the PC's

"An introduction of Vista a Sleek, Powerful design and you can get your work done anywhere, any time Enjoy Windows Vista! starting from $99.95!" says the Windows Vista PC then they Exit the tour and go to Help Files and go to Map of Microsoft building then look at the exit but the exit is the lift

"Oh come on the exit is the lift ooh I found a open window but its high but there are lots of boxes maybe we can get out that way" Pencil writes on notepad.exe on the Computer

"Good idea Pencil, Lets get to work!" says Matthew Gates so they move all the boxes and stack them but how do they get up to the top they could climb up but they don't know how so they need to build a staircase so they do that but they don't have enough boxes to finish the staircase so they leap on the the pile but it's a long long long way down to the bottom of the building but luckily there was a trampoline store that had no roof so they could jump on the trampolines so they jumped off of the building and jumped on to the trampoline they were hurt but OK enough to continue going but then there are helicopters above them with Evil BOB, Evil Jerry, Evil Elephant, Tim Obsidian and some of the guards then with out them noticing the grab a net and capture them

"AHHH WHATS HAPPENING???" shouts Rover

"Look up there it's Tim Obsidian!!" says Matthew Gates

"AHH we've been taken again we need to stop him!! We need a plan" says Rover

"Good idea LOOK DOWN THERE PENCIL IS STILL DOWN THERE! He must have fell threw the little holes in the net to bad we could not fit threw WAIT lets try and break and stretch the net so we can break free!" says Matthew Gates

"Well that will take a lot of work because they have got very strong nets plus they must have bought LYTE nets because look there is a sticker saying LYTE Brand but they say LYTE device supported so maybe me can see what will happen if we connect it to a LYTE but we don't have one" says Rover

"Look over here they are controls like go down go up" says Matthew Gates

"Cool I am gonna press go down" says Rover


"Oh no we control none of the buttons are working they must have disabled the buttons we were so close and were going up too" says Rover

"LOOK Jerry ,  BOB and Elephant" says Matthew Gates
" HA HA WE HAVE GOT YOU NOW" says (Evil Jerry)

"Wait lets climb the net" says Matthew Gates so they climb the net but Tim Obsidian made it so it shaked and moved around so it made it harder to escaped then they fell back into the net and they fell asleep then when they woke up they found them self in a creepy with only one light

"Its so dark in here and there are no windows look a door" says Matthew Gates they go threw the door and see Tim Obsidian on his computer


BEEP BEEP BEEP the alarms go off then Tim Obsidian stop being angry with his PC

"I know you are here" Tim Obsidian Whispers in a creepy voice

"AHH you found us" says Rover

"I NEW IT!!" says Tim Obsidian Tim Obsidian grabs his old Pentium 4 PC and uses it as shield then Tim Obsidian faints then Matthew Gates calls the Police then the police come and arrest him and buts him in prison then Matthew Gates turns off the Evil Obsidian Lab tech then they bump into Bob, Jerry and Elephant

"AHH are you still evil?" says Rover in a scared voice

"What are you talking about I don't remember anything the last thing I remember when the lift got stuck" says Jerry

"and I don't know what your talking about" says Elephant and BOB

"And look Pencil" says BOB


The End  




[1]Great job so far !